Friday, June 12, 2015

Daring Hearts Box Set

Eight **Clean and BRAND NEW** Novels.
Save more than $30 for 1600+ pages.
Daring Hearts is available for preorder
Release date: August 18th.
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Genre: YA Paranormal
THROUGH GLASS by Rebecca Ethington ~ For years I watched my best friend through the glass of our window panes, trapped inside by the monsters that took over our world. I dreamed of the day I would be with him again. But everything keeps changing, and the dead may be more alive than I thought.
Genre: NA Reimagining of Alice In Wonderland
THE DARK MOTH SOCIETY by RaShelle Workman ~ "There's more to life than training. There's love, Alice Blackburn. And you are in desperate need of it..." 
In the last millennia a deadly game has raged between demons and their half-human creations, called Moths. A century ago select Moths were born with distinctive marks on the backs of their hands. It was soon discovered that those with the marks possessed the same powers as their demon parent. Over the years an elite group of warriors formed The Dark Moth Society.
Alice Blackburn is a Dark Moth trainee. Some of her classmates call her the Queen of Hearts, but only because she doesn't share hers. There isn't time. Not for fun and especially not for Kade Everett, the injured warrior she is required to help. In just a few days, her creator, the foul demon that killed her mom will come to kill her. That's part of the game after all. And when he does, she will end him.
Genre: YA Adventure/Suspense
KATE UNMASKED by Cindy M. Hogan ~ Some secrets should stay dead and buried. Kate has spent her life searching for the secrets of her past--the secrets that began with her missing birth parents. After years of false hope and leads drying up, Kate finally lucks onto a promising one.
Determined to find the truth, Kate travels to the gritty New Jersey shore. But what she finds is worse than she ever could have imagined.
Genre: YA Time Travel Romance
COUNTER CLOCKWISE by Elle Strauss ~ High school senior Casey Donovan is in trouble. Again. If only she had trusted in Nate's loyalty when he traveled to Spain with his college basketball team - despite the accompaniment of the cheerleading squad and Fiona the Floozy who'd made it super clear she wanted Nate for herself. Then she wouldn't have made that impulsive trip to Hollywood and let Aiden do that stupid thing that threatened her relationship with Nate, and triggered a trip into the past. Only something is wildly wrong. She's not in the 1860s like she should be. It's 1929. And she didn't come alone.
Genre: NA Suspense
WITNESS (Witness, Book 1) by Christine Kersey ~ College student Courtney Hartford's worries are few. That is, until she witnesses a murder. And then recognizes the murderer. His warning not to tell, coupled with his threat against her life and the life of her mother, pushes her to make a difficult decision--tell the police the truth, or let the people who are threatening her control her life.
Genre: YA Mystery
PAXTON PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS by Juli Alexander ~ Townsey Paxton loves to solve mysteries. It's in her blood. After her older brother leaves vet school to manage the agency and care for her, his sacrifices start to take their toll. With the aid of her diverse group of friends, Townsey decides to help. When she suspects one of the agency's clients is abusing his wife, she can't look the other way. She risks her safety to do what she knows is right, but things suddenly go terribly wrong.
Genre: YA Paranormal
SKETCHY LOVE by Lila Felix ~ "I've drawn his face all my life. His images come to me without warning. The thing is, I've never met him in real life. But something tells me he's waiting for me too."
Fasta is an artist, not by choice, but by force. Since she could grip a pen her gift demanded she draw, sometimes until her fingers bled and tears blurred the ink. She hopes for the day she meets the boy, the one whose face has matured along with hers, hoping he can give her answers, or at least make the incessant need to sketch him stop.
One day her drawings will come to life. But reality isn't quite what she'd hoped for.
Genre: NA High Fantasy
OF ICE AND SNOW by Amber Argyle ~ A storm is raging, and not everyone will survive.
The child of the clanchief, Otec is the middle son in an overflowing house. When he sees his faraway village under attack, he realizes it's time to become the leader he was never meant to be.

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