Thursday, February 25, 2016

BLIND SIDE by K.B. Nelson ~ Cover Reveal


I accept the part I played in the demise of my marriage.
I accept the things I cannot change.
I’m a cheater. I’m a whore. I’m a felon in that place I left behind the second the first embers fizzled against the cracks of the night sky.
It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Anyone with the faintest understanding of decency would know this to be true. But it did happen this way. It went exactly like this, because maybe that’s the way things had to go.
There was no way out, and just when I thought of pulling the proverbial trigger, he appeared to me.
He was the student.
And I was his teacher.
And he saved me in every way I imagine one could ever be saved.
So, he became my teacher and I became his student as he taught me how to love again…

I was young when I fell in love for the first time. Back then, my sanity and happiness depended on the one thing the deepest aches within my bones told me I couldn’t live without.
I loved Brock Hamilton the way we all loved someone when we were young—when we were na├»ve. But our relationship was different; that’s what we told ourselves. That’s what we believed. We spent years together, living a life painted under a blinding tapestry of blissful ignorance. We never saw it coming, but there was one obstacle we could never overcome.
After college, we moved back to our hometown and everything fell apart.
What—and who—I once lived for became the shackles holding me under while I fought to kick my way to the surface, if to only scream. And as each Friday night faded into Saturday hangovers where the temporary high of winning unmasked our pain once more, I fell further down the rabbit hole of loathing and despair.
I was trapped in a loveless marriage, of which the man I had once loved turned into a vision of my imagination of what a monster looks like. There was no discernible reason for our own disconnect, but I resented him for dragging back into that same small town I clawed myself away from.
I was supposed to be somebody, and instead I became just another typical nobody. There was no way out, and just when I thought of pulling the proverbial trigger, he appeared to me.
And he saved me.
He was the student…
And I was his teacher.

BLIND SIDE is a standalone novel in the Tainted Love Series and is intended for mature readers only.  Book one, Faithless, is available now.

I grew up on a farm in Ohio where the cows were soon replaced with an entourage of cats. When I'm not writing, you can find me doing one of two things -- getting lost on highways or getting lost in the lives of fictional characters.



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